Honey tasting

With honey as the basis, we make the most delicious treats. Unexpected tastemakers. Come and taste!

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Horn Sjildeweg
8891 JJ
Upcoming: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 | 14:00 - 15:30 (9 more)

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The Bee Park has won the prestigious prize in America as a producer of the tastiest European monofloral honey of 2019. We are very proud of that. Our shop in the apiary shows what we make of special delicacies based on honey. From honey ice cream to hothoney. Chocolate honey paste, Jutter boys and Nomad boys, Honey drinks, Sea buckthorn tea and sea buckthorn jam (naturally with honey instead of sugar). The production is (almost) completely done in-house. Of course everything is for sale in the better stores of Terschelling. Come and have a look and of course try.



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The second largest village is located near the centre of the island. Old Terschelling can be found in the shopping area around Meslânzer Church. This cosy village, with its rich history, is a beautiful place to enjoy spending a several hours. Shops of all shapes and sizes nestle behind the facades of the many national listed buildings. There are too many to mention here, so we suggest you take your time for a nice look around. Alternatively, go dancing, relax on a terrace, or enjoy some good food, as there’s more than enough choice. 

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