Course: Honey in the outdoor kitchen

Nice and busy at a wood fire

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Horn Sjildeweg
8891 JJ
Upcoming: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 | 15:30 - 21:00 (35 more)

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For adventurous families, friendly neighbors, outdoor groups who want something different than sand bites on Terschelling. We have our cooking wall for this. With bbq, Braai, Dutch oven, pizza and pancake oven and a wood fire. If necessary, but then you have sunk deeply, an induction plate is available. Cooking outside is different, it places extra demands on culinary spoiled types. But oh so nice, for all ages. Baking pancakes the way your grandfather did and of course with real honey like Winnie the Pooh ate, to lick your fingers.

Experience outdoor cooking like the cowboys did in the old days. Enjoy simmering coffee by a campfire and prepare delicious dishes in groups of 2-3 people in the cast-iron Dutch Ovens. You can think of a delicious soup made from the fresh vegetables of the season.

Followed by a chicken stew with or a spicy Chili Con Carne and a quiche with goat cheese. Enough choice. Make a three-course menu together with your friends, family or colleagues and unwind by the campfire.
The Bijenpark takes care of the ingredients, you take care of the action yourself!



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The second largest village is located near the centre of the island. Old Terschelling can be found in the shopping area around Meslânzer Church. This cosy village, with its rich history, is a beautiful place to enjoy spending a several hours. Shops of all shapes and sizes nestle behind the facades of the many national listed buildings. There are too many to mention here, so we suggest you take your time for a nice look around. Alternatively, go dancing, relax on a terrace, or enjoy some good food, as there’s more than enough choice. 

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