Circuit Fitness @ Ieders Plak

Strength, Condition & Core.

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Upcoming: Wed, 3 Mar 2021 | 09:30 - 10:30 (115 more)

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Strength, Condition & Core. A new lesson and a full body workout in which you train at your own level. Condition and all major muscle groups are covered. Suitable for everyone! Whether you are starting or advanced. Every Saturday morning 10 am at Ieders Plak. Single lesson price € 15 incl. Cup of coffee / tea afterwards or bottle of water Childcare available during morning lessons on request (€ 3 per child per lesson). Please contact us in advance.



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Map & surrounding area


As the boat turns into the harbour, you meet West-Terschelling, the gateway to your destination Terschelling. The Brandaris lighthouse, which stands as a beacon here in the middle of Terschelling’s biggest village, has been greeting seafarers since 1594. It is a lively place, with museums, shops, bars, dance halls, restaurants, hotels, wellness, a swimming pool, and the VVV Tourist Office.

In West, all the elements literally come together; it is where the sea licks the land. Then there is the ‘fire’ in the manned Brandaris lighthouse, which lights up the skies, surrounded by the scents of the mudflats. Every flavour and taste imaginable can be found in the shops and restaurants. 

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