Beginner ride horseback 2 hours beach

Puur Terschelling makes 2-hour rides with inexperienced riders. We ride in small groups of up to 6 horses alternately in walk and trot.

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8897 HX
26 Apr 2021 | 09:30 until 31 Oct 2021 | 14:00


No galloping. Of course we go on the beach with the beginners. Experience is not necessary for this ride outside, but you will 'drive' the horse yourself. Under the inexperienced rider we mean persons (from the age of 8) who have never been on a horse before having less than 3 years of experience.


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26 Apr 2021 | 09:30 until 31 Oct 2021 | 14:00



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Activities and sports

  • Horseback riding

Map & surrounding area


Oosterend is the village farthest east on Terschelling, and closest to nature reserve De Boschplaat. This European nature reserve is a true feast for the senses, drawing your eyes to the ever-changing shapes of the dunes and channels. On top you can experience real, dense darkness: in this Dark Sky Park guides will be happy to show you the wealth of this unique nature area.

To the north, at the end of the 'Oosterender badweg' you find one of the seven beach pavilions. From there you can also walk tho the iconic 'Drenkelingenhuisje', where once shipwreckers found shelter.


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