Apitherapy: health from the hive

Workshop on the basic principles of apitherapy

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Horn Sjildeweg
8891 JJ
Upcoming: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 | 10:00 - 13:00 (6 more)

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The healing effect of unprocessed honey has been appreciated since time immemorial. Honey is recommended in the "holy books." It is used as a home medicine, for fever, colds, sleep disorders and for gum disease. In the case of burns and scrapes, honey reduces the scar tissue, making the wounds heal better. Honey is antibacterial, antifungal, it even kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The healing power of Propolis is generally recognized. The cocktail of 270 different minerals, vitamins and trace elements makes it one of the most valuable natural products that work against bacteria and viruses.
Beeswax is more than a building material for honeycomb. It is an important base for candles, wood and leather care products, anticorrosive and a component of cosmetic products such as lipstick, creams and mascara, and in pharmacy as a capsule for pills, warm cloths for osteoarthritis and rheumatism, neck pain and various allergies. Bee venom stimulates blood flow. Bees that have a lot of pollen at their disposal produce the most poison, which is formed between the 15th and 20th day. Royal jelly is the special material that turns a simple worker mortar into a queen.

The only fertile bee that also lives 30x as long as an average worker bee. How do you learn more about Apitherapy? By making a reservation for the workshop Api therapy. We will then make a delicious cough drink based on honey (you wish you had a cold) and a propolis cream, an effective remedy for dry eczema, rough spots and acne.



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The second largest village is located near the centre of the island. Old Terschelling can be found in the shopping area around Meslânzer Church. This cosy village, with its rich history, is a beautiful place to enjoy spending a several hours. Shops of all shapes and sizes nestle behind the facades of the many national listed buildings. There are too many to mention here, so we suggest you take your time for a nice look around. Alternatively, go dancing, relax on a terrace, or enjoy some good food, as there’s more than enough choice. 

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